About Us


Head Hunters &Executive Search was founded in 2003 to provide a quality service in the search and selection of experts working in the field of Sales & Marketing. Our main feature is to assess the needs, requirements and deep-seated motivations that push Experts and Managers to give a specific direction to their working careers, as well as assisting companies in the search for the most appropriate professionals to their organizational structure.
In an ever-expanding global context, our aim is to continue representing, through our work, a differential value in the market: we constantly renew ourselves by assimilating all the constituent elements of the projects that are assigned to us, accompanying companies in all the phases of their evolutionary process. This approach has allowed our clients, leaders in the sectors of reference, to meet the best candidates and to obtain important results.

We operate throughout Italian territory through our three offices in Milan, Verona and Bologna, and in the main countries of the world through consultants and partners that allow us to offer the same level of quality on site



We listen trying to understand every element of the reality that surrounds us to draw value from it


We are transparent because we want to create a common and shared working environment


We value the peculiarities so that everyone can be fulfilled


We are determined to pursue objectives that contribute to the satisfaction of everyone.


We believe that only through attention to tradition a real process of innovation can be achieved.