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Analysis of needs and methodology identification

Working closely with our customer company, we identify its real needs and the best possible solution. This phase is fundamental as it shapes and characterizes the entire SalesPeople work process and can include – depending on the different business needs – the activities of Head Hunting, selection, assessment and training

The Analysis phase includes:

the list includes hard and soft skills, the values that guide the motivation and the characterization given by the general professional experience

the company’s structure and conformation, the positioning of the profile sought within a function chart, the evidence of potential opportunities, criticalities and stress factors are declined

in which the profile sought moves: average salaries, the level of flexibility in relation to mobility and the reference assets relating to change are evaluated

Head Hunting

Since each staff search process has its own characteristics and peculiarities, our goal is to customize the searches in order to provide the best service in a reasonable time. We work in specialized market divisions and approach the various contexts from which our candidates come in a diversified but synergistic way. This phase is important in order to understand which professional figures can be oriented in order to help the customer to achieve the objectives set

The research phase includes:

elaboration of the target audience through targeted core drilling, scouting, screening, questionnaires and structured interviews of pre-selection, drafting of pre-selection and mapping profiles. These activities are used to identify the best candidates and to place them in the best positions. This is followed by selection interviews and personal meetings.

this service is essential to define the organizational processes of different companies and business functions. It proceeds through an accurate benchmarking and analysis of companies operating in the sector or sectors deemed to be the reference for the research on which we are working. Summary files containing all useful information and agreed with the client are processed

starting from our database and the most effective search engines for each specific need

Selection Service

The selection process consists of assessing the candidates’ skills from different points of view:

  • Training path
  • Technical background
  • Hard skill course;
  • Transversal (soft skill);
  • Personal inclinations;
  • Motivation;
  • Achievement orientation
  • Essential values that can influence performance.

The selection process includes one or more interviews, which in some cases may take place through a skype interview.

SalesPeople Experts design and deliver structured interviews with the aim of verifying, validating and deepening candidates’ level of supervision of the skills necessary to cover the position that are the subject of the research. The types of interview which are used include the Behavioral Interview (BI); and the Situation / Task / Actions / Results (STAR) interview.

Given the insights that these types of interviews provide with respect to the analysis of behavior and decision-making in the various situations in which an individual may find himself, they are also particularly suitable for the assessment of the candidate from a potential point of view

Specialized assessment service for Sales & Marketing profiles

SalesPeople designs and manages assessment paths by customizing the moments of analysis of the need, the tools and the specific content of the latter on the specific needs of research and evaluation of Sales & Marketing profiles.

The assessment method proposed by StrategicPeople, through the use of different tools and “observation points”, is more predictive of people’s performance in the workplace.

The scientific tool of the Assessment (individual or group) is particularly useful for the selection, development and observation of the potential.

Through the use of circumstantial evidence, in fact, the behaviors underlying the skills indicated as “core” for a given position are stimulated and observed.

Assessment services can bring great benefits both in assessing the performance and potential of existing sales and marketing structures, and in the phase of introducing new resources into the company.

Presentation and entry into the company of candidates

Our service of presentation and insertion of candidates aims to facilitate the first knowledge of the structures that will host them. In fact, by enhancing the specificity of the person and the specific characteristics of the company structures, the most probable points of contact that can assist a smooth entry of a candidate into existing structures are highlighted.

For this purpose, a report is prepared presenting the candidate, selected or evaluated, which includes all the elements that may represent a facilitation to the integration. These elements are changing because the levers that characterize the people and the structures that will accommodate them are variable: for this reason, the contents of the report are based on the multiple evidences that emerged during the start-up phase of the selection or evaluation. The aspects to be studied with particular attention are always agreed with the customer at the beginning of the research and, as a result, the reference reports are enriched and customized with special items and contents.

Candidates, if requested, can be followed by SalesPeople for the entire insertion phase and duration of the probationary period: in this process they can find valid support in a delicate phase of their professional life, while companies can minimize the possibility that the existing structure does not fully accommodate newcomers.

Drafting criteria

SalesPeople helps companies to verify the “sales & marketing content” related to individual positions within the organization charts, whether they are sales or sales & marketing positions, or different positions which have sales or sales & marketing content.

SalesPeople has therefore chosen to specialize in the organization of training courses that will improve its presence, or to fill the lack of sales or marketing content, with particular reference to Digital Marketing.

Evaluation interviews and the Assessment tool are used to “measure” skills, attitudes, abilities and motivations, but also to highlight training needs.

Starting from here, SalesPeople can identify the needs of customers and design tailored learning paths, based on the most appropriate methodology for the learning objective itself.

Sales People also offers the service of design and management of interprofessional funds / funds and funded paths, within which:

  1. It supports the company in the development of relational skills directly related to the generation of value.
  2. It knows how to “keep up” the level of energy and preparation of people.
  3. It offers tools, knowledge and content related to the needs of market competitiveness and performance.

It equips people with methodologies, values, hard and soft skills suitable to guarantee a unique and distinctive customer experience in terms of brand