Research abroad


We have been working for years with Italian multinational companies that make their presence beyond the Italian borders one of the main strategic assets for their growth and development.

SalesPeople thus carries out a Head Hunting activity on profiles of Country Manager and Country Sales Manager, Resident Manager, National Account Manager, Logistic Manager and, to complete the structure, also of profiles such as Finance Managers or Operations Managers.

We operate successfully in sectors such as Food & Beverage or Fashion, but also in highly specialized industrial sectors such as laser stamping and cutting, special steels or gas.

We carry on with great self-confidence the philosophy of Made in Italy and the great technological and cultural wealth of Italian companies. We are always looking for the important contributions that our candidates can make to the development of the companies of our customers in foreign countries.


Our network of signalers allows us to find the right person at the right time, thanks to a network of knowledge deepened over time.