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Head Hunting

Need analysis and method selection

We work very closely with our clients, and identify the real needs of the company in order to deliver the best possible solutions.

The needs analysis phase is essential, since it shapes and affects SalesPeople’s entire process. Depending on the company’s needs, it can include Headhunting, selection, assessment and training services.

The analysis phase includes:

Analysis of the ideal profile

Hard and soft skills, the values that underlie candidate motivation and the required professional background of the ideal candidate are listed.

Analysis of the corporate structure

The company’s conformation and structure, the positioning of the profile sought, evidence of potential opportunities, critical issues and stress factors are listed.

Relevant market analysis

Average salaries, the level of flexibility around mobility and relevant change assets are assessed.

Search Service

Since every search process has its specific characteristics and requirements, our goal is to tailor every search in order to deliver the best possible service within a suitable time.

We work for specialized market divisions and approach our candidates’ backgrounds in a diversified yet synergistic way. This allows us to identify the best Professionals, and to help our clients reach their goals.

Our search phase includes:


We find the right target by sampling, scouting, and screening candidates, by carrying out questionnaires and introductory interviews, and by drawing up and mapping pre-selection profiles. This all helps us identify the best candidates and place them in the best positions. This phase is followed by the selection interview and personal meetings phase. 

Mapping of companies and professionals

This service helps define the organizational processes of every company, and the different roles within them. It is carried out through accurate benchmarking and the analysis of companies operating in the same sector, or in sectors which are relevant to the search at hand. Summaries of all useful information as requested by the client are then drawn up.

Use and activation of the main search tools

We start with our database and with the most effective search engines for every requirement.

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