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Training Services

SalesPeople assists companies in verifying the “sales & marketing content” of individual positions within their organizational charts, whether they are sales or sales & marketing positions, or different positions that have sales or sales & marketing content within them.

SalesPeople therefore chose to specialize in the organization of training courses around sales and marketing, with a particular focus on Digital Marketing.

Skills, attitudes, abilities and motivations are “measured” through Assessment interviews and tasks, and training needs are highlighted.

From this starting point, SalesPeople knows how to identify client needs and design customized learning pathways, applying the most appropriate methods based on the learning objective.

One of the services we offer is the creation and management of funds / interprofessional funds and funded training, through which we can:

Support companies in the development of relational skills directly linked to the generation of value.

Keep energy and training levels high among people.

Offer tools, knowledge and content linked to the need for competitiveness and market performance.

Equip people with the techniques, values, and the hard and soft skills they need to ensure a unique and distinctive customer experience at brand level.

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