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Head Hunters & Executive Search

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill


StrategicPeople is a Headhunting and strategic consultancy company that helps companies and people grow by fostering their distinctive traits.

Our goal is to find the perfect mix of people, skills, professional backgrounds and attitudes, ensuring that they gel and evolve when other people and stories join, giving life to a new company dynamic.

We are a team of professionals, each with an exceptional track record.

We approach people by sharing goals, strategies, expectations and needs. We help companies and people grow by fostering their defining characteristics.

Our selection and temporary management process is designed to perfect the mix of skills, professional backgrounds, personalities, aptitudes and ambitions that allow people and companies to grow and to face change and growth.

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Our Services

Headhunting, Interim Management, Training.
Three tools for the growth of a company.


Headhunters select the best candidates and place them in the best roles.

In terms of executive search, headhunters are responsible for every element of the service: target identification, scouting, mapping, selection interviews, questionnaires and further interviews, compiling profiles, and applying the company’s onboarding process.

Interim and Temporary Management

Temporary or Interim Managers are external figures – usually with a wealth of experience across different contexts – who can temporarily support a company, or that a company seeks to “stabilize” over time.

They can operate within any division of the company: sales, export, administration and finance, HR, production and logistics for specific projects, launch of new business segments, cost rationalization, or generational change.

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